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When you learn to root down, you will learn to rise up.

2019 Events 

Watch some of Naga Devi's experience of transformation

“Choose to be peace within and find peace without.”



Kind Words From The Community

Josh & Mia Lebus

Portland, Or

My heart is swooning over this Mala as my gift to my daughter Mia for her 8th birthday. I'm so thankful for Nanette and her guidance through this process. She has created such a gift to both myself and my daughter and the process of creating it with us has been a true joy! Happy birthday Mia Hana Rose...I hope this Mala brings you many a spiritual moments and guidance. Your papa loves you with all his heart!!"

Genevieve Stalley

Portland, OR

“Nanette’s workshops and classes have been wonderful. She is a beautiful and open soul that invites acceptance and I have always felt more than welcome in the lessons. Her presence is calming and serene. I have learned a lot about myself and different practices through her lessons. Absolutely recommend!”

Jeff Weintraub

Portland, Or

“Nanette is patient and has a gentle demeanor. She is knowledgeable about yin yoga and guides you through a session with ease. She is great to work with!”

Therese Schwenkler

Portland, Or

"Nanette is an amazingly tuned in, caring and gentle soul who takes you into yoga bliss with her classes. I'm always so present during class due to her presence of mind, and I leave feeling relaxed, grounded, connected, and alive inside my body. If you have the chance, definitely take a class from her. <3"

Justin W

Portland, Or

"Nanette got me hooked on yoga. As a beginner with some flexibility issues, I’m amazed at the progress I made and the love I developed for yoga practicing at Nanette’s classes. The flow of each class is smooth and engaging. The poses and themes are thoughtfully chosen based on the needs of the students, and Nanette’s ability to explain postures and give helpful adjustments is amazing. I believe anyone would benefit from practicing with Nanette, and highly recommend her classes."