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Feel Good Living offers lifestyle practices that are rooted in yoga & Ayurveda fundamentals to help you establish and deepen a personal wellness practice. Our Youtube channel includes Ayurvedic cooking recipes, daily routines, yoga classes and more! We also offer private Ayurvedic cooking classes and lifestyle coaching.  

Whether you identify as a Yogi or not, the wisdom of modern yogic living is for everyone and can be practiced by anyone who seeks to sustain being in the flow of life. It’s about making simple, enjoyable adjustments in your daily routine to FEEL GOOD in your body and mind everyday!

"Where food is correct, medicine is of no need. Where food is incorrect, medicine is of no use."
- Ayurvedic proverb

Ayurvedic Meal Plans

Are you looking for simple and healthy nutritious meals? Are you arriving home late or leaving early with no time to cook? Or are you ready to detox? 


(This is is exclusive to the Boulder, CO area only)

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Ayurvedic Meals

Gluten Free    ✦    Vegan    ✦    Vegetarian   ✦   Organic

Averages $17 a meal

Will nourish and satisfy your body/mind from head to toe! 

Customized meals plans available!

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Ayurvedic Cooking Class

Take your health and healing into your own hands and empower yourself by learning to cook simple & traditional Ayurvedic recipes. Check out our Youtube to get a taste!

Out of the Boulder area? No Problem let's do a virtual class!

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