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CBD For Yoga

Updated: Jul 1

Guest post by Scott, co-owner of Leanna Organics

I started using CBD for yoga practice and recovery in 2019. They compliment each other so well, as the natural calming effects of CBD taken internally enhances serenity and helps us achieve the ultimate goal of yoga - a union of body and mind. While CBD topicals help relieve symptoms in the short term, yoga is the long term cure. This is why I say they compliment each other so well.

CBD for Yoga

My yoga practice began in my early 30’s. Already an avid meditator, I looked at yoga as moving meditation. For a few years, I had a good run with yoga and I was in the best shape of my life. Unfortunately, I stepped away from my yoga practice when I had a son at 37. With way too much work, and way too much sitting I found myself seeking masseuses and chiropractors to help. By June of 2019, I was already taking CBD to help with the discomfort. But CBD for yoga was not yet in the picture.

My 9-5 job required me to be in front of a computer for 8-10 hours per day. After a long day of work hunched over in front of my computer my body was tight and muscles shortened. My hips hurt so bad that I couldn’t sit down for more than 20 minutes, and standing was even worse due to hamstring tightness.

Luckily I ran into Alison Stickrod at Your Body Shoppe in Westminster, Co who is a masseuse and my experience with her was magic! She not only helped to radically reduce the tightness in my body but she also sent me home with yoga poses to practice and a renewed interest in yoga.

Now while living a busy life with family and work I don't have much time to make it to formal classes, but I have made it a priority to set aside 15-30 minutes each day at home. Plus I've added CBD for yoga by taking Leanna Organics CBD oil 15 minutes before my practice. I find that in Yin Yoga classes and less intense workouts, it calms my racing mind and helps me tune into my body.

CBD Salve

The other way that I use CBD for yoga is post-workout recovery with CBD salve. Using the CBD lowers most of my bodies discomfort and the fact that it “lowers” the bodily discomforts I experience and makes them more manageable is huge! When I feel pain I've learned it’s a signal from the body that is telling me that I am sitting too much, not moving enough, and not stretching enough.

My wife and I started Leanna Organics in 2018 with the idea that we could provide freshly made, when available organic, third-party tested CBD products at an affordable price. Being the Co-owner of a CBD company and a yoga practitioner, it's amazing to witness and be a part of the ever-growing popular demand for CBD in the yoga community. Because yoga practitioners, like myself, care about their health and tend to lean towards natural wellness solutions, CBD for yoga is a natural progression of awareness around wellness.

Those who practice yoga are making a conscious effort to take their health back into their own hands and I believe CBD can help them along their journey, as it has helped me.

But don’t take it from me! Try it for yourself and watch all that tension melt away... and enjoy it.

- Scott

co-owner of Leanna Organics located at the Orchards Towne Center in Westminster CO.


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